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20 years old

July 15th is our anniversary, so this year we celebrate 20 years of the band. We had the pleasure and the honor of playing in Irati-Pr on July 13th, also World Day of Rock and ... more

Lord of Death, the video

Finally ready the official video of Lord of Death, after a long wait. Now everybody can see the "Lord of Death" interacting with the band. We would like to thank everyone who participated in the first recording, which unfortunately did not work. But mostly, thank those who participated in the second and successful recording, to Gerônimo who staged the Lord of Death, to Eloiza Azevedo who skillfully manufactured the horns of the horned god, the girls at the table, Manu, Hayssa, Camila and Daniele , for Murielle Benthien that gave ... more

Awake The Gods

Awake the Gods will be the name of the new album, still no release date. Again we have a concept album with twelve songs. Each of the twelve songs, will speak about the twelve Olympian ... more

new album

Since January we're not playing live, two reasons did the band opt for it. The first one is that Marcelo Ferassa just became a father on his birthday, Jan. 8, and he would be at ... more