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Name: Marco Bührer

birthday: 02/22/1973

Favorite bands: Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, Motörhead, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Manowar, Van Halen, Racer X e Metallica

Was born in Ponta Grossa but spent his childhood and adolescence in Irati, both cities in countryside of Paraná. Always enjoyed music and arts in general, however began to really fall in love with music in 1985 when he accompanied the Rock in Rio, watching on television, and met bands like Scorpions, AC / DC, Ozzy, Iron Maiden and many others. Also in this year goes to the cinema watching the movie, recently released, Back To The Future and goes crazy with the soundtrack of the movie, especially when the character played by Michael J. Fox, Marty McFly using a walkman, in the ears of his future father with a thunderous guitar solo to convince him to ask his future mother to a fateful dance. Marco later discovers that this guitar solo was none other than Eddie Van Halen.

Since then Marco has been dedicated to rock and roll and heavy metal, he had several bands, the first metal band was the Mausoléu in 1989, which had influences of  Sodon, Motorhead, Sepultura and punk rock in general. Other bands have been tried without success, but it is only in July 1996 appeared the Beltane.

Marco is proud to claim to be the first headbanger of Irati and has given this city its first and second heavy metal band, Mausoléu was the first, Beltane is the second.

When he sang and played bass in the Mausoléu he tried to do a  mixed voice between Lemmy Killmister and Tom Angelriper, after he tried to sing like Michael Kiske and André Matos, but neither the first or second attempt were unsuccessful.

Today he thinks he’s found his “voice” in the album The Wheel of Sabbaths and will continue to evolve forever.