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Name: Arthur Pöttker

Birthday: 16/10/1980

Favorite Bands: Beatles, Cream, Rainbow, Patrulha do Espaço, Black Sabbath, Dio, Yes, Rush, Dream Theater, Angra, Viper, Gamma Ray, Death, etc.

Favorite Guitar Players: Sérgio Dias (from Mutantes), Jimi Hendrix, Steve Howe, Steve Morse, Doug Aldrich, Warren Haynes, Paul Gilbert, etc.

Born in Londrina, always had rock’n roll in his life under influence of his dad, who opened, and still opens his mind with his abundant discography.
It was Marco’s fault, that he learned to play guitar, and embraced the heavy metal as life style.
Together they founded the band in mid-1996 and remained until 2001, when their paths diverged, shortly after the release of the EP “The Ritual Has Begun.”
Even away from the band, he continued to monitor the development of “his child” participating sporadically of the band gigs. He was responsible for the entrance of Claiton in the band and therefore apologizes.
Without musical prejudices, some of his favorite bands are The Beatles, Cream, Artic Monkeys, Cavallo de Bandido, Black Sabbath, Rush, Yes, Genesis (until The Trick of Tail), King Crimson, Manowar, Dream Theater (until the Six Degrees), Death and Angra (with André), however, says, Sérgio Dias, Hendrix, Steve Howe, Doug Aldrich, Warren Haynes and Paul Gilbert as major influences on his guitar.
Adept in a more rocker footprint, carries the responsibility to fill the vacancy left by a great guitarist such Guilherme, bridging the Beltane hard and heavy, without losing his and his band’s identity.