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Favorite Bands: Metallica, Black Sabbath, Rush, Death, Saxon, Savatage, Ozzy, Dio, Deep Purple, Van Halen, Iron Maiden, Pantera, Grave Digger, Mr. Big.

Favorite Bass Players: Cliff Burton, Geddy Lee, Geezer Butler, Billy Sheehan, Nibbs Carter, Steve DiGiorgio, Steve Harris, Cris Squier, David Ellefson

Born in Irati, inside the state of Paraná, Brazil, Claiton had his first contact with the Heavy Metal in 1989, by the age of 7. His brother Genilton used to shake his house with a radio tape recorder, wired in an old wooden box with two car speakers, forcing all who were near the house to hear Metal.

When he was 10, Claiton was already familiar with the bands such Black Sabbath, Metallica, Iron Maiden, Sepultura, Led Zeppelin and AC / DC, which led him to dream someday to play guitar or bass in a band of that style. The choice for bass came later, when he can see, through videos, the punch that the legendary Metallica bassist Cliff Burton, used to have when he played bass in a brutally and aggressively way.

His choice was determined, now, it was time to get a one. Financial problems caused him a delay of several years in the acquisition of the instrument, which it can only be realized in May 1999. An Aria Pro II SB-2 advanced series, red, 4-string, was the first bass acquired with much effort, and  so, the difficulties to learn to play the instrument were overcome, in part, by the determination and value given to that.

In the mid-90s, Langner, made friends with Flavio and Julio, Marco Bührer’s brothers, and this led him to get closer of the Band. His entry into the Beltane, was given through the former guitarist of the band, Arthur Pöttker, who indicated him to Marco.

In July of 2001, Beltane invited Claiton to audition.
The test was carried out and Langner was invited to play in some gigs with the band, but not as an effective member of the group. After a period of analysis, the bassist was integrated definitively to the set, which remains to this day.
Langner is proud to be part of Beltane, ’cause as band’s fan, he has become an integral member.