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Name: Marcelo Ferassa

Birthday: 01/08/1970

Favorite bands: Rush, Deep Purple, Iron Maiden, Journey, Judas Priest , Queen, Dream Theater

Was born in Ponta Grossa, Paraná. Awakened to the music to 11 years old when he bought his first album of classical music. His interest for the drums began at that time, the 80s, the decade that was dominated by rock and big bands of this style that even now are his biggest influences. He met numerous bands of metal, hard and progressive. One in particular, Rush, became his biggest musical influence, because of the classic “Tom Sawyer”, the opening theme of the famous television series MacGyver in Brazil. At 18, in college, with classmates, was on stage for the first time and played, to a full auditorium, national hits of that time. Thereafter there were many invitations to play in rock bands, which encouraged him to higher flights.

Illusion was his first band that had regional projection, very famous in the city of Ponta Grossa between the years 1996 to 1998 and which had in its set list covers of metal bands, hard and progressive. It was a period of intense learning and growth in music, where for the first time he had the opportunity to show your creative and technical side in the music “The Silent Sky”, the band’s own unique music, recorded in the independent CD “Garage Bands”.

In 1998 he was invited to take part in Beltane, a band with original songs and an exciting proposal. In 1999, he recorded his first work with this band, the EP The Ritual Has Begun … In 2003, finished recording the second album entitled The Wheel of Sabbaths, he was invited to join the band Rush Cover, of Curitiba, and replace a great drummer Endrigo Bettega, musician of great musical background and international experience. Early in this parallel project, with Roberto Bulcani (bass and keyboards) and Augusto Rafaelli (vocals, guitar) has recorded a promotional demo CD containing four tracks cover. In 2004, again with Roberto Bulcani, he was also part of the band Pink Floyd Cover, until early 2005, performing countless shows with both bands.

In 2006, with the album The Wheel of Sabbaths completed, he went through difficult times because of an automobile accident that led away from the band for several months. when he recovered he performed several shows with Beltane in southern Brazil and Sao Paulo, where he had the opportunity to play alongside bands like Shaman and Grave Digger. He believes that part of the Beltane contributes significantly to their musical evolution, always seeking to overcome obstacles and constraints in order to offer its loyal audience the best show, best performance.